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  • Void Speedometer Inspired Analog Watch

    Void Speedometer Inspired Analog Watch

    Inspired by an old fashioned speedometer Void have created a novel and unique watch which only uses half a face. The V02 uses two double-ended ‘compass needle’ hands, indicating the time as on a normal watch. Each hand has one red and one white tip at opposite ends where each coloured tip corresponds to the digit with [...]

  • Ice Watch

    Ice Watch

    Ice-Watch is a Belgian brand which brings many fine qualities to the world of fashion. Since 2007 Ice-Watch have been producing affordable, stylish, and exciting designs in a multitude of colours. Unique touches such as Swarovski crystals, luminous hands and Miyota movements Available from Masdings>>

  • Miansai Bracelets

    Miansai Bracelets

    Miansia are an American based company who make beautifully crafted hand made jewellery and accessories. Inspired by vintage items from antique shows and auctions from around the world, Miansai turn forgotten treasures into works of art. Available from Coggles>>

  • Diesel Master Brigade Jewellery

    Diesel Master Brigade Jewellery

    The Diesel Master Brigade Jewellery range features natural materials like leather, canvas, silver, copper and aluminium which reflects Diesel’s deep and rich design history. The range features rings, bracelets and necklaces prices start from £45. Available online from Diesel Timeframes>>

  • Diesel Jewellery

    Diesel Jewellery

    Using materials such as canvas, stainless steel, leather and sterling silver the mens Diesel range of jewellery includes bracelets, necklaces and rings and their designs revolve around the Diesel branding whilst taking inspiration from industrial design, Americana and military dog tags. Prices range from £50 to £110. Available online from Diesel Timepieces>>

  • Structure Silver Ring

    Structure Silver Ring

    This ring is from Kimberley Selwood’s Torn Mens Collection. A mix of clean lines and ruggedness; this chunky distinctive range for men uses Kimberley’s style and sense of detail by adding an unusual feature of blackened fractures through dense metal. The Mens Structure Ring is made from solid sterling silver and features oxidised torn and [...]

  • Handmade Customised Tally Mark Silver Ring

    Handmade Customised Tally Mark Silver Ring

    Part of British designer close your eyes hold out your hand.‘s marking time collection. The pair of rings belong to the designer and her partner, each of which have five embossed and oxidised tally marks: one for each year they have been together. The marking time collection provides a subtle and unusual way for you [...]

  • Tateossian Silver Scoubidou Leather Bracelet

    Tateossian Silver Scoubidou Leather Bracelet

    Tateossian was established in 1990 by Robert Tateossian, whose own international lifestyle and keen sense of aesthetics is at the heart of the company’s success. His unique and original style has revolutionised the cufflink industry. Fun, functional and fashionable cufflink designs have soon gained him the accolade “The King of Cufflinks”. The Silver Scoubidou Leather [...]