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  • The making of Leica M9-P edition Hermes

    The making of Leica M9-P edition Hermes

    Both Leica and Hermes have a reputation of creating beautifully crafted hand made cameras and leather luggage. This $50,000 limited edition Leica M9-P camera comes in it’s own calf leather custom made carry bag and Dumas’ photography book.

  • Shwood X Pendleton Wooden Sunglasses

    Shwood X Pendleton Wooden Sunglasses

    What started out as an experiment which involved a Madrone tree, a rusty pair of cabinet hinges, and lenses from the corner store, Shwood sunglasses were born. Based in Portland Shwood undertake all the processes in creating a pair of sunglasses in-house from veneering and precision lens cutting, to shaping and finishing everything is handcrafted [...]

  • Peacock Groove- Deep Custom

    Peacock Groove- Deep Custom

    ‘Deep Custom’ is a short documentary by film makers Tony Franklin, T.C. Worley and Nick Gumm about bicycle frame builder Erik Noren and his company Peacock Groove. Based in Minneapolis Erik Noren lovingly hand builds bicycles with a high degree of attention, imagination and craftsmanship and one could argue that they are pieces of art. [...]

  • Persol Steve McQueen Sunglasses

    Persol Steve McQueen Sunglasses

    This fascinating short film from luxury sunglasses manufacturer Persol, shows the many stages of the construction behind their limited edition Steve Mcqueen sunglasses. Persol Steve McQueen Edition>>

  • Harris Tweed iPhone Cover

    Harris Tweed iPhone Cover

    A traditional jacket for the most modern of gadgets! Made from reinforced Harris Tweed and Duchess Satin. This has to be the most stylish way to carry your iPhone. The iPhone cover features a handy pouch for storing headphones or other small items and has a secure popper closure with a decorative button. Harris Tweed [...]

  • Gold & Black Union Jack

    Gold & Black Union Jack

    This unique Union Jack canvas is hand painted in black and cream acrylic and gilded with gold leaf. Each canvas is unique and handpainted with several layers of acrylic paint mixed with a variety of products from salt to cement to give a weathered feel. it is painted, sanded, repainted, distressed, repainted, sanded and distressed some [...]

  • Handmade Customised Tally Mark Silver Ring

    Handmade Customised Tally Mark Silver Ring

    Part of British designer close your eyes hold out your hand.‘s marking time collection. The pair of rings belong to the designer and her partner, each of which have five embossed and oxidised tally marks: one for each year they have been together. The marking time collection provides a subtle and unusual way for you [...]

  • Handcrafted Retro Leather Camera Strap

    Handcrafted Retro Leather Camera Strap

    These retro style camera straps are simply designed yet functional and comfortable. There is a quick release silver/brass collar stud on each end of the strap which makes it even easier to use. They are extremely sturdy and secure leaving you to snap away! It works on old and new cameras just the same. The [...]

  • Absolut Elyx- Super Premium Vodka

    Absolut Elyx- Super Premium Vodka

    Absolut Elyx has been inspired by 500 years of vodka making expertise and for the last decade Absolut have been inventing this new vodka. Crafted from the finest selection of estate wheat, and blended with soft and naturally filtered water, Absolut Elyx will be produced in very small quantities and in accordance to strict craft [...]

  • Hard Graft IPhone & iPad Cases

    Hard Graft IPhone & iPad Cases

    If you are looking for a classy and sophisticated case for your iPhone 4 or iPad or Kindle, you might want to check out Hard Graft. Based in Austria these hand made cases are made from the finest finest wools and vegetable dyed leathers. Hard Graft Website>> Rate this story [ratings]