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  • Top Gear Korean helicopter crash

    Top Gear Korean helicopter crash

    The BBC has just released this footage from the filming of a drag race between a Corvette ZR1 and a AH1 Cobra helicopter for the Korean version of Top Gear. All was going well until the end of the race when the helicopter suddenly hit the ground, thankfully no one was serious hurt and the [...]

  • 2014 Jaguar XFR-S

    2014 Jaguar XFR-S

    2014 Jaguar XFR-S The 2014 Jaguar XFR-S is Jaguars fastest 4 door salon which takes the 5.0L supercharged V8 from their 2 door coupe XKR-S. Boasting 550hp with a 0-60 mph time of just 4.4 seconds the XFR-S manges to get 23 mpg and comes standard with a ZF eight-speed transmission, wide 20-inch Varuna forged [...]

  • Urban Outlaw: The story of a Porsche 911 collector

    Urban Outlaw: The story of a Porsche 911 collector

    Urban Outlaw: The story of a Porsche 911 collector Car porn alert! Urban Outlaw follows one man’s hobby which over the years has turned into an obsession, which has lead to a successful business. Sheffield born expat Magnus Walker saw his first Porsche 911 at the tender age of 7 when his father took him [...]

  • Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012

    Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012

    Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 As slowly head into the Holiday season this years most anticipated AAA games are beginning to show up on the shelves of your local computer games store. The first driving game of the season takes the form of EA’s Need for Speed Most Wanted. After their disastrous last installment [...]

  • Hennessey Venom GT

    Hennessey Venom GT

    When it came to designing the Hennessey Venom GT supercar they took a leaf out of Carroll Shelby’s book and rather than creating a new design from the ground up, they looked at the Cobra for inspiration and decided to go with ‘the power to weight ratio’ formula and in essence ‘put a big engine [...]

  • GoPro HD: Summer X Games 18 Highlights 2012

    GoPro HD: Summer X Games 18 Highlights 2012

    Some highlights of this summer’s X-Games through the eyes of GoPro HD Athletes: Bucky Lasek, Andy Macdonald, Mitchie Brusco, Drew Bezanson, Ken Block, Leticia Bufoni and Chad Kagy.

  • Ken Block’s Gymkhana 5 San Franciso

    Ken Block’s Gymkhana 5 San Franciso

    DC Shoes and Ken Block have just released their latest Gymkhana installment. Shot over 4 days in San Franciso large parts of the city were closed down especially for Ken for him to use as his own personal gymkhana playground. Gymkhana 5 also sees cameo appearances from fellow DC Shoes athlete Travis Pastrana and S.F. [...]

  • Hot Wheels Double Loop

    Hot Wheels Double Loop

    Previously we featured the video of the longest jump in a 4×4 and more recently Top Gear’s world record breaking loop the loop in a buggy but this stunt performed by Tanner Foust & Greg Tracy at last week’s X-Games in Los Angeles is simply out of this world.

  • Renault Alpine A110-50

    Renault Alpine A110-50

    The legendary Renault Alpine A110 turns 50th this year and Renault have created a special concept car to celebrate the occasion, the Renault Alpine A110-50 which might become the first production car under their revived Alpine brand. This video features Renault WRC legend Jean Ragnotti driving the new car.

  • BMW M5 Bullet

    BMW M5 Bullet

    In this latest ad from BMW they recreate ‘a speeding bullet’ with the help of their new 2012 M5 and some ultra slow motion cameras.

  • Top Gear Live 720 Buggy Loop The Loop

    Top Gear Live 720 Buggy Loop The Loop

    The Top Gear team break a new world record as they are the first people to complete a 720 loop-the-loop on 4 wheels. This amazing stunt was performed as a finale piece at their sellout event at the Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban, South Africa (June 16-17). And the boys will be bringing the this live [...]

  • Retro Racing

    Retro Racing

    Retro racing is a hark back to the old 2D 8 bit driving games of the 80s. Designed by the same people who created the the classic Amiga racers, Nitro (Psygnosis) and ATR (Team17), Retro Racing for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is a adrenaline pumping top-down racer and will be available soon from [...]

  • Ferrari FF Snow Rally

    Ferrari FF Snow Rally

    Ferrari’s first ever 4 wheel drive, 4 seater will be launched later this year and as part of it’s cold weather testing 1978 World Rally Champion Markku Alen takes the Ferrari FF around the snow covered Arjeplog track in the North of Sweden.

  • Ken Block Tests Ford Fiesta HFHV in Twin Peaks

    Ken Block Tests Ford Fiesta HFHV in Twin Peaks

    Ken Block and the Monster World Rally Team put the H.F.H.V. Ford Fiesta through its paces for the first time in gravel at the Dirtfish Rally School in Snoqualmie Falls, WA. This was the same location that much of the David Lynch cult-status TV series “Twin Peaks” was filmed at. Check out this fun mashup [...]

  • Ken Block’s Gymkhana World Tour: 2011 Highlights

    Ken Block’s Gymkhana World Tour: 2011 Highlights

    Here are some of the highlights from Ken Block’s Gymkhana World Tour which took in Vienna Austria, Los Angeles California, and Melbourne Australia.

  • Michael Bay X Need For Speed The Run

    Michael Bay X Need For Speed The Run

    Action movie maestro Michael Bay was commissioned by EA Games to direct the new TV advert for their forth coming driving game ‘Need For Speed The Run’. The video takes us behind the scenes of the making of the trailer and also features some sound bites from Kristina Hendricks (of Mad Men Fame) who voices [...]

  • Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer

    Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer

    Rockstar have just released a teaser trailer for their forth coming game Grand Theft Auto V. From the locations on the trailer GTA is returning back to the fiction state of San Andreas with the focus on the fake-Los Angeles city of Los Santos and you’ll probably end up playing the role of the male [...]

  • Top Gear At The Movies

    Top Gear At The Movies

    Top Gear’s Richard Hammond and James May celebrate some of the most memorable motor car moments in cinema history. Be prepared for a thrilling selection of races, stunts and exotic super cars. Top Gear at the movies comes out on Monday 14th November 2011 on Blu-Ray, DVD and iTunes.

  • Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel & Froza Motorsports 4

    Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel & Froza Motorsports 4

    There’s no better time to experience the thrill and action of Froza Motorsports 4 especially now since Microsoft has released it’s wireless speed wheel. The U shaped steering wheel uses motion sensors to detect your steering angle, while trigger buttons gives you access to acceleration and braking controls and there is a built in rumble [...]

  • Froza 4- Endangered Spieces

    Froza 4- Endangered Spieces

    Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson narrates this live action spot for Froza Motorsport 4 for the Xbox 360. Available from Amazon now>>

  • Froza 4

    Froza 4

    Froza returns this autumn and will no doubt wipe that smile off all those Gran Turismo fan boys. Forza Motorsports 4 features: controller-based racing, the power and freedom of Kinect and ground-breaking social interaction with other players. Forza Motorsports 4 will be released on October 14 2011 Pre-order Froza 4 from Amazon>>

  • Ken Block Gymkhana 4

    Ken Block Gymkhana 4

    It’s that time of year again when Ken Block does his thang’, makes us jealous of his driving skills, racking up a few million hits on You Tube and in the process selling us a few pairs of shoes and t-shirts. As I write this, Gymkhana FOUR: The Hollywood Megamercial has only been online for [...]

  • Ken Block’s New Race Car

    Ken Block’s New Race Car

    Ken Block unveils his new race car, the H.F.H.V., or “Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle”, a unique vehicle made to compete in three disciplines of racing: Stage rally, rallycross, and Gymkhana.

  • Visiting the Koenigsegg Factory

    Visiting the Koenigsegg Factory

    Dough’Nut X Nalden take us around the Koenigsegg factory in Sweden where they make the world’s fastest production car. Dough’Nut Website >> Nalden Website>>