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  • H&M for Brick Lane Bikes

    H&M for Brick Lane Bikes

    Announced last December the collaboration between clothing store H&M and Brick Lane Bikes in London has finally come to fruition with a release date of March 7th. The capsule collection which will be available from 170 selected H&M store internationally will consist of garments aimed at cyclists which nod towards a retro feel and era [...]

  • Rokbed v3 Mountable iPhone Case

    Rokbed v3 Mountable iPhone Case

    The Rokbed V3 for the iPhone 4/4s is more than just a protective case. Thanks to it’s ingenious design and range of add ons the Rokbed can be used as casual mount system which works using magnets or a sturdier solution for using the iPhone in a car or on a bicycle with it’s integrated [...]

  • Alain Massabova 40 Years in Paris BMX

    Alain Massabova 40 Years in Paris BMX

    Director JC Pieri and rider Alain Massabova take to the streets of Paris for this cinematic short film about one man’s affinity for BMX flat land. 40 year old Massabova effortlessly spins and pirouettes against familiar spots around his city and even has time to introduce his son.

  • Fred Perry Bradley Wiggins Cycling Shirts

    Fred Perry Bradley Wiggins Cycling Shirts

    Taking inspiration from the 60′s mod look and celebrating the Olympian and cycling legend Bradley Wiggins, Fred Perry have just announced a series of retro cycling tops. Featuring details like the GB colour tape around the neckline, retro metal zips and the signature ‘Bradley stripe’ around the tip of the sleeves the tops come in [...]

  • Vans X TheDiggest NYC Trip

    Vans X TheDiggest NYC Trip

    VANS teams up with for their first film project in the USA by flying in Alex Valentino, Kevin Kalkoff and Matthias Dandois into New York and with the help of Ralphy Ramos they find some of the sweetest down town spots to ride.

  • Fixed Days 2012

    Fixed Days 2012

    Billed at the biggest fixed gear event in Europe, Fixed Days offers host of events and activities such as alleycat races to gold sprints, trick competition to velodrome races as well as coinciding with the biggest bicycle event in Europe, Eurobike. Fixed Days takes place from the 29th of August until the 2nd of September [...]

  • Levis 511 Commuter Jeans

    Levis 511 Commuter Jeans

    The Levis Commuter jean is based on their popular 511 skinny silhouette but with a few added features is aimed at the urban cyclist. Cut with a slightly higher back rise which comes up any embarrassing crack issues the 511 commuter also features a utility loop along the waist band where a D lock can [...]

  • Trike Drifting

    Trike Drifting

    Remember those trikes from when we were kids? The ones with the big front wheel where you had to peddle like a madman to get anywhere? Fast forward a few years and it is safe to say that these Aussie have got the idea now.

  • Michael Chacon keeping it 700c

    Michael Chacon keeping it 700c

    Rising star Michael Chacon is making some big waves in the fixie freestyle scene with his technical tricks and big airs and is creating a bit of a following on Youtube with his regular video releases. He is not only constantly getting radder on his bike but he is also evolving his filming and editing [...]

  • Mixie Urban Commuter Bike

    Mixie Urban Commuter Bike

    The ‘Mixie Fixie’ fuses the best bits from a fixed gear bicycle and a 20′ BMX to become an ideal urban bicycle. Built around a lightweight 20″ high tensile steel frame running on 20′ wheels the Mixie is easy to manouver around town and compact enough to store and lug around. More information>>

  • Peacock Groove- Deep Custom

    Peacock Groove- Deep Custom

    ‘Deep Custom’ is a short documentary by film makers Tony Franklin, T.C. Worley and Nick Gumm about bicycle frame builder Erik Noren and his company Peacock Groove. Based in Minneapolis Erik Noren lovingly hand builds bicycles with a high degree of attention, imagination and craftsmanship and one could argue that they are pieces of art. [...]

  • Charge Scissor Fixie

    Charge Scissor Fixie

    The Charge Scissor is the 2012 replacement for their Plug Freestyler fixie which earned Charge a cult following over the last five years. The Scissor is the only 29′ complete freestyler fixie bike on the market and has been developed by fixed gear innovators Tom Lamarche and Ted James to withstand the rigors of freestyle [...]

  • Rapha Jeans- made for the city cyclist

    Rapha Jeans- made for the city cyclist

    Much like the Levis 511 Commuter Jean we featured back in July the Rapha jean is specially designed for the city cyclist. Made from a pioneering denim which uses nylon, cotton and elastane blend yarns the jeans are hard wearing, quick drying and stain-resistant and unlike traditional denims the material is extremely resistant to abrasion [...]

  • Red Bull Mini Drome Tronoto 2011

    Red Bull Mini Drome Tronoto 2011

    Watch highlights from the Red Bull Mini Drome Tronoto race where 85 of the city’s best fixie cyclists battle it out on the world’s smallest velodrome.

  • Red Bull Dancing Slopestyle

    Red Bull Dancing Slopestyle

    Watch this breathtaking mountain bike slopestyle clip, shot at 1,000 frames per second, featuring Martin Söderström, Yannick Granieri, Brandon Semenuk, Cam McCaul and Niki Leitner. The video was made during the FMB world tour stop in Leogang, Austria.

  • Smart Electric Bicycle

    Smart Electric Bicycle

    The makers of the Smart car have just announced their new hybrid bicycle which will go on sale in the first quarter of 2012. The Smart EBike makes use of a built in electric motor which is powered by peddling and stores power to it’s 400w battery which is capable of reaching 38 miles. The [...]

  • To Live & Ride in LA

    To Live & Ride in LA

    Over a year in the making, To Live & Ride In L.A. is the first feature-length film about L.A.’s underground fixed-gear culture. Directed by David Rowe (Fast Friday), the documentary explores a side of Los Angeles few outsiders have ever seen. ToLive&>>

  • Kidrobot’s Paul Budnitz Titanium Bike

    Kidrobot’s Paul Budnitz Titanium Bike

    Paul Bundnitz the founder of the Kidrobot designer toy company has just released his latest project, these 2 high end urban bikes. Built around a titanium frame made by elite American frame builders Lynskey Performance, Bundnitz lightweight urban bike (above) is inspired by the lines of classic Aston Martins and ’80s-era Maseratis and features a cantilever shaped [...]

  • Riding a Fixie around a W Hotel

    Riding a Fixie around a W Hotel

    Jordan Smith showcases his skills in and around the London W Hotel on a specially commissioned fixie by renowned designer and sculptor Benedict Radcliffe which was inspired by the the New York Metro. This forms part of the ‘Wider Project’ hosted by W Hotels which sees a number of fixies designed by the likes of [...]

  • Levi’s 511 Commuter Jeans

    Levi’s 511 Commuter Jeans

    Levi’s® have just announced their new 511 Commuter range which has been designed with the cyclist in mind. The collection comprises of their 511 skinny fit jean which comes in two different cuts (cropped or regular) and is available in denim and on-denim fabrics and a Commuter version of the classic Levi’s® Trucker Jacket. Levi’s® [...]

  • Mission Workshop Vandal Backpack

    Mission Workshop Vandal Backpack

    The Mission Workshop Vandal Backpack has a whopping 65 Litre capacity which is enough room to carrying your weekly shop across town and thanks to it’s expanding cargo compartment and 3 weatherproof compartments your cornflakes and potatoes will be safe & dry. The Mission Workshop Vandal Backpack is available to order through their website. • [...]

  • Mission Workshop Shed Messenger Bag

    Mission Workshop Shed Messenger Bag

    The Mission Workshop Shed Messenger Bag has a roll top design which is ideal for transporting your MacBook, iPad, bike lock, a spare set of clothes actually anything really. The Shed has a massive 35 Litre capacity and features a weatherproof construction and comes in 6 different colours. Available to order through the Mission Workshop [...]

  • SE Racing QuadAngle

    SE Racing QuadAngle

    SE Racing have a great BMX pedigree dating back to the late 1970′s and right the way through to the golden years of BMXing during the early 1980′s when they rode along side the likes of Redline, Mongoose, Diamond Back & Haro. Now days SE Racing are producing single speed urban bikes and the ubiquitous [...]