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  • The Ramphouse Project

    The Ramphouse Project

    The Ramphouse Project The Ramphouse was conceived and designed by Greek architecture firm Archivirus and sits on top of an appartment block in Athens. The Ramphouse melds the idea of a living space built around a skateboard ramp. Basic house elements such as the fireplace and storage units are hidden inside the ramp forms. I [...]

  • Skatepark House

    Skatepark House

    Skatepark House Situated in a quiet residential neighborhood in Shibuya Japan, this specially designed home had to include a skateboard park area and piano rehearsal room to reflect the owners unique individual tastes. The house is split across three levels and makes use of space saving sliding doors and storage areas and is finished in [...]

  • Ice Cube Celebates The Eames

    Ice Cube Celebates The Eames

    Before hitting it big with NWA Ice Cube was studying architectural drafting and this short film with Pacific Standard Time follows Ice Cube through Los Angeles to the Eames house where he talks candidly about what he learned from his architecture course and comments on the design, structure and resourcefulness of the Eames House.>>