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  • Travalo Perfume Atomizer Bottle

    Travalo Perfume Atomizer Bottle

    This smart little perfume atomizer can hold up to 4ml (about 50 sprays) of your favourite fragrance allowing you to leave that big bulky glass bottle at home. Thanks to a ingenious valve at the bottom of the atomizer you can fill it from any perfume bottle with a removable spray nozel, simply give it [...]

  • Bolin White Razor

    Bolin White Razor

    Designed to give you the ultimate in luxury shaving and certainly looks the part. The design is sleek with an aire of sophistication. Get a close and comfortable shave with this stylish and simple to use razor range from Bolin Webb; providing the ultimate in luxury shaving devices. • Compatible with Gillette Mach3 razor blades. [...]

  • Philips RQ1180-22 Sensotouch Shaver

    Philips RQ1180-22 Sensotouch Shaver

    Enjoy the ultimate shaving experience whilst minimising skin irritation with the advanced technology of the Philips RQ1180/22 Sensotouch shaver. Key benefits: Follows the unique curves of your face Allow the GyroFlex 2D heads to adjust seamlessly to every contour, so you can enjoy a clean shave with minimal irritation Takes care of your skin Whether [...]

  • Fight Club Soap

    Fight Club Soap

    This is the only soap we know of that is made from electrolytes, caffeine, and punches. Officially licensed by Omni Consumer Products this bar of ‘Fight Club’ soap is Modeled from original props and artwork. Available now online from their website>>

  • Superdry Cologne

    Superdry Cologne

    Released just in time for Christmas Superdry have entered the cologne/fragrance market with these three offerings: Dry (above), Double Dry (below) and Dry Oil (bottom). All three colognes are £55 and are available from>> Dry by Superdry A rich, aromatic, woody fragrance that combines a vibrant top note of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit and red [...]

  • BaByliss For Men Easy Cut Clipper Set

    BaByliss For Men Easy Cut Clipper Set

    Maintain your short haircut with the innovative Easy Cut clipper set from BaByliss For Men. The rotary action of the clipper and it’s comb cuts hair in any direction and the interlocking guides will give you a cut from grade 1 to 6. Available now from John Lewis £45>> • Can be used cordless or [...]

  • Kent Brushes Wet Shaving Kit

    Kent Brushes Wet Shaving Kit

    Founded in 1777 Kent Brushes have a unprecedented reputation of manufacturing fine shaving brushes using the materials possible. This traditional wet shaving kits includes their Silver Tipped BK8 Traditional Badger Brush, Ivory Handle BK Razor and Beechwood Bowl with soap. Available now from Gift Library>>

  • E-Shave Tea Start-up Shave Kit

    E-Shave Tea Start-up Shave Kit

    Discover the pleasures of wet shaving with êShave’s handy start-up kit. This set includes pre-shave oil, shaving cream and after-shave cream, along with a badger-hair brush and toiletry bag. Set contains: • Pre-shave oil (.5oz) • Shaving Cream (1oz) • After Shave Cream (1oz) • Genuine Badger Hair Shaving Brush • Water-resistant black toiletry bag [...]

  • E-Shave Fine Badger Hair Brush

    E-Shave Fine Badger Hair Brush

    êShave®’s shaving brush works to generate a rich lather that lifts and softens the hair for a close, comfortable shave every time. • Shaving brush • Smoke-coloured handle embossed with ‘ê’ logo • Made from 100% badger hair • Generates a rich later • Exfoliates • Lifts and softens the hair • Retains water and [...]

  • E-Shave 3 Blade Razor

    E-Shave 3 Blade Razor

    Get a close, comfortable shave with êShave®’s 3-blade razor. Designed with Gillette® Mach-3® blades, it’ll take your shave to the smoothest level yet. • Nickel-plated razor • Smoke-coloured handle • Designed with Gillette® Mach-3® blades • Elegant style • Comfortable to hold • Provides a smooth shave Buy E-Shave 3 Blade Razor from Harrods >>

  • Recycled Sailcloth Wash Bag

    Recycled Sailcloth Wash Bag

    The Reefer Sail Company recycled sailcloth wash bag features a unique roll down neck the capacious bag will accommodate most traveller’s toiletry needs from the minimalist husband to the most enthusiastic cosmetic queen. Simply roll the top until a snug fit on the contents and secure the clip which doubles as a carry handle. Interior [...]