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  • Ceramic Coffee Cup

    Ceramic Coffee Cup

    Porcelain cup with removable silicone lid that seals tightly to prevent splashes and spills. Looks like a disposable paper cup, but this reusable cup won’t add to landfill waste. Double wall thermal insulation to keep your drink hot, while the outside remains comfortable to hold. Eco-friendly cup great for taking on the commute to work, [...]

  • Rocket Giotto Rapha Espresso Machine

    Rocket Giotto Rapha Espresso Machine

    Despite it’s name you don’t have to be a cyclist to enjoy the beauty or the stuff that comes out of this Rocket espresso machine. This Rapha Cycle Club model is an exclusive limited edition of 200 and features a stainless steel steam wand, full-size commercial one and two cup filter handles with baskets, a thermal [...]

  • AK-47 Table Lamp

    AK-47 Table Lamp

    These are hand made slip-cast ceramic lamps and each lamp stands 24″ to the fixture and a total of 33″ tall to the top of the shade. The surface is a semi-matte glaze showing off the elaborate detail of each gun. Comes with fixture, shade, cord and plug.. Available from Etsy>>

  • Gold & Black Union Jack

    Gold & Black Union Jack

    This unique Union Jack canvas is hand painted in black and cream acrylic and gilded with gold leaf. Each canvas is unique and handpainted with several layers of acrylic paint mixed with a variety of products from salt to cement to give a weathered feel. it is painted, sanded, repainted, distressed, repainted, sanded and distressed some [...]

  • The Impossible Cool Collection

    The Impossible Cool Collection

    To celebrate their Iconic Editions range, Sonic Editions have collected together ten of the coolest people from the silver screen, music and sports worlds and produced a collection of stunning limited edition prints. All prints are lovingly hand printed and framed, numbered and certified on the reverse, they come in three different sizes and start from [...]

  • Gin & Titonic Titanic Sinking Ship Ice Cube Tray

    Gin & Titonic Titanic Sinking Ship Ice Cube Tray

    A great ice-breaker, keep someone’s spirits afloat with these Titanic themed ice trays containing four fated ocean liners and four icebergs. Buy Gin & Titonic Titanic Sinking Ship Ice Cube Tray>>

  • Frozen Smiles False Teeth Style Ice Tray

    Frozen Smiles False Teeth Style Ice Tray

    A great gift for the drinker with a sense of humour – these novelty ice gnashers look fantastic in a glass and are guaranteed to put a smile on the recipient’s face (and in their glass). Something looking just like a false set of teeth or dentures in your glass really does look cool! Buy [...]

  • Peepshow Shot Glasses

    Peepshow Shot Glasses

    Rude! If you’re having a stag night, a hen do, or you’re the kind of ultra-cool metrosexual geek who likes to make postmodern ironic statements with kitschy drinks glasses, the Peepshow Shot Glasses are definitely for you. The Peepshows are standard sized shot glasses made of real glass, each with a picture of a not-very-thoroughly [...]

  • Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses

    Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses

    Add an extra degree of sophistication to your ‘evening drinks’ with these beautiful Normann Copenhagen cognac glasses. Designed with a wide opening, the glasses will help you appreciate the bouquet, maintain the right temperature and hold the right amount of cognac and furthermore it feels good in the hand while the amber nectar is swirled [...]

  • Recycled Vinyl Record Bowl

    Recycled Vinyl Record Bowl

    Adorn your coffee table with these stylish retro classic vinyl records – recycled and cut into stylish Vinyl Bowls. Not only are these Vinyl Bowls eco-friendly but they are also a very cool way of bringing back some retro chic to your living room. Carefully shaped from abandoned vinyl records, these vinyl cut-outs are carefully [...]

  • Bull Bottle Opener

    Bull Bottle Opener

    This proud little bull can open any bottle for you. For a cold beer he will use is mighty horns and for a delicate wine his flexible tail. Be sure to treat the little bull with respect, because you don’t want to get into a bull-fight with this one. Dimensions Bull Bottle Opener 120 x [...]

  • Droog Sticky Lamp

    Droog Sticky Lamp was started in 2003 by Venka de Rooij after spotting a gap in the marketplace for contemporary lighting and quirky home accessories. Chris Kabel’s Sticky Lamp is a cost-effective but cool lighting unit that can give your interior spaces a feeling of spontaneity and life. You can attach the Sticky Lamp to any flat, [...]

  • Handpresso Espresso Machine

    Handpresso Espresso Machine

    The Handpresso Wild is the world’s first portable non electric Espresso machine. Capable of producing 16 bars of pressure and weighing only 467g the Handpresso wild is offers a truly great coffee experience literally anywhere from you living room or garden or even out n the mountains or in the country. Using Easy Serving Pods [...]

  • Recycled Skateboard Stool

    Recycled Skateboard Stool

    Deckstool in Pennsylvania can turn your old broken skateboard decks into a unique piece of furniture. The scars and scrapes of a deck can create beautiful patterns over the original skateboard artwork and each one is meticulously built and finished by skilled craftsman. Don’t have any broken decks? no worries, you can buy an off [...]

  • Global 25th Anniversary 3 Piece Oriental Knife Set

    Global 25th Anniversary 3 Piece Oriental Knife Set

    Loved by professional chefs around the world, Global knives are an excellent choice for the serious home cook and to celebrate the 25th Anniversary Global have released this 3 piece collectors set.  This modern knife set comes in a 25th Anniversary logo box with Global lapel pin. The Set includes Global’s popular G-4 oriental chef’s [...]

  • Menu 5 piece Oven-Proof Steam Tower

    Menu 5 piece Oven-Proof Steam Tower

    Scandinavian designer Christian Bjørn with Michelin chef Morten Køster have given their own twist on the traditional Asian bamboo steamer. Beautifully designed and crafted the MENU’s 5 piece Oven-poof Steam Tower can cook a full meal in one tower in your oven. The porcelain bowls can be stacked in the oven, enabling the preparation of [...]

  • The Plumen 001 Light Bulb

    The Plumen 001 Light Bulb

    The Plumen 001 is the world’s first designer low energy light bulb. It’s dynamic, sculptured form re writes the book on how a lightblub should look and turns it into a center piece of the room rather than an after thought. The Plumen 001 works just like any other low energy light bulb and will [...]

  • Retro Flip Down Clock

    Retro Flip Down Clock

    This stylish retro flip down clock combines high precision electronics with a archaic clockwork look with it’s exposed stripped down mechanical workings. Powered by a single D size battery the retro flip down clock will tell the time minute by minute on it’s white on black number boards. This will look great on anyone’s desktop [...]

  • Chevillote Convertible Pool Tables

    Chevillote Convertible Pool Tables

    With over 150 years of experience, French Billiard Table makers Chevillote know a thing or two about building pool tables. Take their latest creation the ‘Very Table’, which was designed for those of us who don’t have a spare room in our homes to accommodate it and really don’t want to slap a bit of [...]

  • Fluid Rocker Chair

    Fluid Rocker Chair

    Designed by Nick Trincia the Fluid Rocker Chair is constructed from a single piece of fiberglass with a high gloss finish. The outer face of the chair is covered in a layer of soft natural felt which provides added cushion for sitting, while on the underside of the chair it provides for quieter, softer rocking, [...]