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  • Holga iPhone 5 Camera Filter Case

    Holga iPhone 5 Camera Filter Case

    Holga iPhone 5 Camera Filter Case This unique Holga Camera iPhone case simply snaps on and by using the big clunky dial you can take your photos using 5 different colour tints and 9 different lens effects. Whilst there are a thousand and one apps out there that will give you that instant ‘lo-fi’ effect [...]

  • Mstr Plan iPhone Covers- Nike Tribute

    Mstr Plan iPhone Covers- Nike Tribute

    Paying homage to some of the greatest Nike trainers ever, Stefan Dukaczewski’s creative agency Mstr Plan have created these minimal iPhone covers. Breaking the colour ways of the Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Max 95, and Nike Air Safari the covers are available from Society 6 for £35 each Available from Society 6>>

  • Martin Scorseses Alternative iPhone Commercial

    Martin Scorseses Alternative iPhone Commercial

    In this latest TV ad for Apple’s iPhone 4s Martin Scorsese gets some rather strange responses from Siri.

  • Vans iPhone 4 Waffle Sole Cover

    Vans iPhone 4 Waffle Sole Cover

    What started out as a limited edition iPhone 4 case which was doing the rounds just before Christmas has now been official launched in the UK priced at a modest £12.99. The Vans iPhone 4 case features the famous waffle vulcanized sole and is available in white, black and pink. Available from Amazon>>

  • iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Annoucement

    iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Annoucement

    It’s official, well almost. It is reported from ‘reliable’ sources that the new iPhone 5 and iPad Mini will be announced at the forth coming Apple media event that will take place on Wednesday September 12 2012 ahead of a September 21st launch date. While the rumour mill spews various details about what new features [...]

  • Rokbed v3 Mountable iPhone Case

    Rokbed v3 Mountable iPhone Case

    The Rokbed V3 for the iPhone 4/4s is more than just a protective case. Thanks to it’s ingenious design and range of add ons the Rokbed can be used as casual mount system which works using magnets or a sturdier solution for using the iPhone in a car or on a bicycle with it’s integrated [...]

  • WTHR – A Simpler, More Beautiful Weather App

    WTHR – A Simpler, More Beautiful Weather App

    Built on legendary product designer Dieter Rams’ “10 principles of design” the WTHR weather app for the iPhone is designed to simply your life and not complicate it. WTHR strips back the interface to the bare essentials provides users with current local weather and seven day forecasts (in Fahrenheit or Celsius) Available from Apple iTunes>>

  • Glow in the Dark iPhone 4 Full Body Wrap

    Glow in the Dark iPhone 4 Full Body Wrap

    The makers of iGlowPhone and Slickwraps have joined forces and produced this all new glow in the dark complete body wrap for the iPhone 4. Made from a durable and flexible photoluminescent, plastic-like material the wrap not only improves the phones reception but also protects the edges and back from dust and scratches. Available from Amazon>>

  • Waterproof iPhone Case

    Waterproof iPhone Case

    This great iPhone and Blackberry case from Hand Picked is fully waterproof to depths of 1 meter thanks to it’s Perspex skin and durable rubber seal. Furthermore the front of the case is made from a flexible, touch-sensitive plastic so that the device is still fully functional when sealed away. Compatible with any iPhone and [...]

  • 100 Reasons to Jailbreak your iPhone

    100 Reasons to Jailbreak your iPhone

    Jailbreak Matrix have compiled 100 reason why you should jail break your iPhonr, iPod Touch or iPad and dispel the myth that doing it is illegal and will void your warranty. Although with any hardware and software hacks care should be taken. More information>>

  • Eco Terra Waterproof iPhone Boombox

    Eco Terra Waterproof iPhone Boombox

    You can take your tunes anywhere with the Eco Terra iPhone boombox. Made from ABS plastic and rubber the iphone is stored in its own waterproof cubby hold with a clear porthole, the iphone can be controlled through a set of rubber buttons on top of the boombox and furthermore the whole thing floats right side [...]

  • Angry Birds NASA Annoucement

    Angry Birds NASA Annoucement

    With the help from NASA Rovio are the first game developers to announce their next new game from space. ‘Angry Birds Space’ is the next installment from the fun but some times frustrating game which is set, you guessed it, in space. Available on iOS and Andrioid platforms from March 22nd. Actual game footage kicks [...]

  • Hex Code Wallet For Iphone 4

    Hex Code Wallet For Iphone 4

    This fantastic genuine leather wallet from Hex offers a great protection for your iPhone 4 and has 3 internal slots which can hide away cash, credit cards or an oyster card. Available from Urban Industry>>

  • Native Union Pop Phone

    Native Union Pop Phone

    The Pop Phone is a fun, retro handset that can be plugged into any device with a 3.5mm jack plug. Compatible with iPad, iPhone and any other mobile phone with a 3.5mm jack / headphone socket, this is a great looking phone accessory that offers excellent sound quality. Designed by the French designer David Turpin [...]

  • Retro Racing

    Retro Racing

    Retro racing is a hark back to the old 2D 8 bit driving games of the 80s. Designed by the same people who created the the classic Amiga racers, Nitro (Psygnosis) and ATR (Team17), Retro Racing for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is a adrenaline pumping top-down racer and will be available soon from [...]

  • ION iCade Mobile

    ION iCade Mobile

    Much like the Ion Icade cabinet for the iPad which was released last year, the iCade Mobile simply attaches itself onto your iPhone and gives you a D-pad with eight action buttons. The iCade mobile can be recharged via it’s USB port and connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Although there are [...]

  • Apple Inspired iPhone 4 Cases

    Apple Inspired iPhone 4 Cases

    These new iPhone 4 cases from Schreer Designs take their inspiration from the early Apple computers and the first generation iPod Classic. We love the jelly coloured iMac cover but the only problem is that Schreer have stopped taking orders for these covers ‘due to an overwhelming response’, if they get posted again- get them [...]

  • BioLite Camp Stove

    BioLite Camp Stove

    To be released just in time for this year’s music festivals, the BioLite Camp Stove is a small and compact wood burning stove but with the added feature of being able to convert heat energy into electrical power which can light up a LED light whilst you are cooking or charge a smart phone via [...]

  • JVC NX-BX3 iPod Dock

    JVC NX-BX3 iPod Dock

    JVC are launching this high tech piece of furniture in Japan later this month. Big enough to be used as a side table or a pedestal for a LCD TV the NX-BX3 features a wooden construction with optional glass top and a built in 60W amplifier which powers 2 x 30W speakers. Using JVC’s SRS [...]

  • Harris Tweed Traditional Phone Cover

    Harris Tweed Traditional Phone Cover

    Add a touch of class class to your smart phone. These hand made covers are made from luxurious Harris Tweed, which is woven by the islanders at their homes in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. The covers are compatible with Apple iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4 & 4S, Apple iPod Touch 1st, 2nd & 3rd [...]

  • Flipboard- Social Magazine

    Flipboard- Social Magazine

    Flipboard has been out for the iPad now for some time and has become a must have social media and news app. Released for the iPhone in December, Flipboard manages to put everything under one application, drawing in links from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Google Reader, Linkedin, Tumblr and 500px as well as pre-selected [...]

  • Amethyst X-1 iPhone/iPod Speaker Dock

    Amethyst X-1 iPhone/iPod Speaker Dock

    Apart from looking like the love child of a Ferrari and a fighter jet the Amethyst X-1 is the first ever iPhone/iPod speaker dock that can be controlled through hand gestures. A trio of infra red sensors are mounted in the dock and by a simple wave of the hand you can stop, pause, rewind [...]

  • Superdry iPhone 4 Case

    Superdry iPhone 4 Case

    Available in three flavours, the Superdry iPhone 4 is a lightweight hard plastic matte feel cover which simply snaps on to the back of the iPhone 4. Available online from Superdry>>

  • Vans iPhone 4 Rubber Waffle Case

    Vans iPhone 4 Rubber Waffle Case

    We saw this case a few weeks ago on one of our favourite portal sites and since there was very little information written about it, we assumed that it was a bootleg case from the far east and whoever made it was cashing in on the Vans name and iconic waffle print. Apparently we were [...]