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  • The Best Ever Headphones

    The Best Ever Headphones

    The Best Ever Headphones It was easy back in the day, you bought a Walkman or a Mini Discman and you used the headphones that were included in the package until they died. But these days the headphones you choose can say more about your personality and street cred than the sneakers on your feet [...]

  • Kate Upton behind the scene at the Skullcandy photoshoot

    Kate Upton behind the scene at the Skullcandy photoshoot

    Kate Upton behind the scene at the Skullcandy photoshoot Skullcandy has just released this video featuring Kate Upton in some behind the scenes footage of their recent ‘Take a supermodel to work’ advertising campaign. Check out the Skullcandy Heaphones website for more info. Available from Amazon>>

  • The Best Ever Camouflage

    The Best Ever Camouflage

    Camouflage patterns seem to be used on everything now days from hunting and military inspired jackets to bags, back packs and mobile phone covers so much so, that it’s purpose is to blend every cool kid into any city globally. We are all familiar with that murky green and brown camouflage pattern (British DPM pattern) [...]

  • Skullcandy Headphones

    Skullcandy Headphones

    Skullcandy Headphones have teamed up with some of America’s top supermodel for their latest campaign. Kate Upton, Chrissy Teigan, Jessica Stam and Chanel Iman are featured in a series of photo shoots as well as sharing their favourite music in the form of a Spotify playlist. Check out the Skullcandy Heaphones website for more info. [...]

  • Parrot Zik Headphones

    Parrot Zik Headphones

    The Parrot ZIK headphones are designed by renowned French product designer Philippe Starck and sees the marriage of a beautifully crafted headset with high end highend technology. The ZIK’s are Bluetooth enabled and are equipped with an active noise cancelling system, it insulates you from surrounding noise in order to guarantee the purest sound experience, [...]

  • Wesc Chambers Headphones by RZA

    Wesc Chambers Headphones by RZA

    Back in the Autumn of last year Wesc announced their headphone range which would see them collaborate with the Wu Tang Clan maestro RZA. The first part of the collection- the ‘RZA Street’ collection of headphones are now available in the UK and pack some impressive features: • Music sharing function • Adjustable headband and [...]

  • Sculpted Eers- Custom Fit In-Ear Headphones

    Sculpted Eers- Custom Fit In-Ear Headphones

    There are already a couple of ‘custom fit’ noise isolation in-ear headphones on the market and the most popular are made by Logitech’s off-shoot Ultimate Ears. But the process of buying the earphones and then getting help from a mate as they pour silicone into each ear to make mold can be very time consuming [...]

  • AIAIAI Capital Headphones

    AIAIAI Capital Headphones

    AIAIAI are a Danish audio design company who have been creating high quality audio products for the last eight years. Their latest headphone the ‘Capital’ was designed for those who want great sound whilst on the move and special attention was focused on the materials used to withstand harsh elements. Made out of nylon reinforced [...]

  • Diesel X Monster Vektr On-Ear Headphones

    Diesel X Monster Vektr On-Ear Headphones

    Headphone supremos Monster (of ‘Beats by Dr Dre’ fame) have teamed up with Italian fashion house Diesel for these futuristic looking on-ear folding headphones. Featuring a tri-folding system the cans be collapsed down for easy storage and mobility and they also employ Monster’s Control Talk which enables you to control your music and calls hands [...]

  • Monster iBeats by Dr. Dre Headphones

    Monster iBeats by Dr. Dre Headphones

    Unlike ordinary in-ear headphones, Monster’s iBeats are constructed from solid metal housing. It’s sealed in-ear construction and multiple eartip designs block out external noise so you hear more of the fine details in your music and less outside noise. In addition, advanced engineering reproduces high resolution sound from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod for a [...]

  • House of Marley Redemption Song with 3 Button Mic In-Ear Headphones

    House of Marley Redemption Song with 3 Button Mic In-Ear Headphones

    Earlier this year it was announced that the estate of Bob Marley would be endorsing a collection of headphones, earphones and speaker docks with the focus being eco and ethical friendly from using recycled packaging to recyclable aluminums and plastics which are used in the construction of the headphones and speakers and of course producing [...]

  • Audio Technica Earsuit ATH-ES88 Headphones

    Audio Technica Earsuit ATH-ES88 Headphones

    Mixing beautifully crafted headphone design with a superb music reproduction this latest model in the Audio Technica Earsuit Headphone family features the new φ40mm CCAW voice coil drivers with a precision cut high grade aluminum housing which holds excellent acoustic characteristics. The unique mechanism at the end of the headband allows the earcup to ‘swing’ [...]

  • Ministry of Sound Headphones

    Ministry of Sound Headphones

    Super club Ministry of sound have teamed up with headphone and speaker manufacturers Exspect to produce a line of stylish headphones. Starting from a very modest £19.99 they go up to £39.99 foir the top of the line ’006′ model (below) which features a lightweight high grade aluminium cups which house 50mm drivers, soft foam-coated [...]

  • Nixon Trooper Headphones

    Nixon Trooper Headphones

    Nixon’s new entry level headphones features a unique 3-axis adjustment points which coupled with the padded headband gives a unlimited range of sizes to fit every head shape and size. The Nixon Troopers also feature sweat resistant silicone molded ear cushions and comes with a custom molded travel case for secure portability. TECHNICAL SPECS: Driver Type: 40mm [...]

  • Marshall Major Headphones

    Marshall Major Headphones

    Joining the ‘white revolution’ Marshall have just released their Major Headphones in white. They feature the same they same drivers and collapsible design as their black ones which were released earlier this year. Technical specifications Transducer: 40MM MOVING COIL DYNAMIC SPEAKER Impedance: 32 Ω ± 15% AT 1kHz Sensitivity: 121 ± 3dB AT 1kHz 1mW [...]

  • O’Neill X Philips Sports Headphones

    O’Neill X Philips Sports Headphones

    Last year action sports brand O’Neill teamed up with Phillips to collaborate on a collection of headphones and earphones designed especially or use on the slopes. Designed from the ground up the collection has some really trick points from headbands that can be twisted stretched to leads which detach themselves from the headset rather than [...]

  • Skullcandy Agent Headphones

    Skullcandy Agent Headphones

    The Agent headphone features hi-fidelity sound and a contour so sleek it’s virtually undetectable by enemy radar. Whether dictated by expedience or personal preference, sometimes you’ve got to keep a low profile and tread lightly. Tek4Less have reduced the price of these headphones from £44.99 to £34.99. • Speaker Diameter: 40mm • Magnet Type: NdFeB [...]

  • Addict Up Rock Headphones

    Addict Up Rock Headphones

    Addict is the UK’s longest running street wear brand and music has always been a major part of their heritage. These Addict UpRock Headphones are a fusion of classic retro styling and high performance components. Tek4Less are currently having a headphones sale and have reduced these Addict UpRock headphones from £44.99 to £34.99. Tek4Less have [...]

  • Mad Catz TRITTON AX 720 Gaming Headset

    Mad Catz TRITTON AX 720 Gaming Headset

    Introducing TRITTON’s AX 720 – a high-performance gaming audio system delivering precise audio and superior voice communication. Utilizing Dolby Digital and Dolby Headphone technology, the AX720 sets a new benchmark for 2-Channel surround sound headsets. The included Dolby Digital decoder takes games to new levels by creating an impressive 3D audio environment. Precision-balanced 40mm drivers [...]

  • V-Moda Crossfade M80 Headphones

    V-Moda Crossfade M80 Headphones

    The new V-Moda Crossfade M80 headphones are 53% smaller than their elder sibling the Crossfade LP, but thanks to it’s steel exoskeleton, replaceable memory foam ear cushions and it’s form fitting carry case they can really withstand the rough and tumble of everyday living. Nearly all the parts of the headphone have been tailored for [...]

  • Skullcandy Lowrider Headphones

    Skullcandy Lowrider Headphones

    The Lowrider packs a monster 40mm Power driver in a super small lowrider chassis. With its smooth styling, 90 degree swivel DJ style speakers and a unique fold up headband for ultra portability the Lowrider will roll all over the competition. Originally priced at £39.99 these Lowrider headphones have just been reduced to £19.99. Features: [...]

  • Aerial 7 Bullet Earphones

    Aerial 7 Bullet Earphones

    Aerial7 have combined incredible sound reproduction, stylish looks and affordability into these Bullet Earphones. These sleek portable stereo earbuds are priced for every budget and are a must have for music lovers on the go. Available in three colourways, the Aerial7 Bullet is the perfect combination of style and audio technology. • Excellent Sound Reproduction [...]

  • Beats by Dr Dre Detox Edition

    Beats by Dr Dre Detox Edition

    Beats™ Pro™ Special Edition Detox Professional Headphones Styled by Dr. Dre to commemorate his epic album Detox, this limited edition Beats Pro reference headphone was designed by audio professionals for audio professionals. It delivers balanced yet powerful sound across the spectrum. The Special Edition Detox Professional Headphones features: •  Limited Edition Black Anodized Finish with [...]

  • Skullcandy Titan Earphones

    Skullcandy Titan Earphones

    Skullcandy Titan In-ear Earphones Hi-definition Noise Isolating Ear Buds Precision-cut metal housings encapsulate a sound coming from deep within the TiTAN ear buds that resembles an army of unstoppable warrior giants marching in lockstep to the beat of your music to purge the earth of dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, saber-tooth tigers, yetis, and Klingons. Features: Nylon [...]