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  • Nexus Q

    Nexus Q

    Dubbed as ‘The world’s first social streaming media player’ Google’s Nexus Q is a small black spherical dome which streams your favourite entertainment from the cloud directly into your living room. By using Google play or the YouTube apps on a Android phone or tablet the Nexus Q will play it all on the biggest [...]

  • Hoerboard DJ Workstation

    Hoerboard DJ Workstation

    Whether you are spinning from old fashioned vinyl or CDs, the Hoerboard Scomber Mix is a all in one DJ workstation that keeps your decks securely in place. constructed from CNC-designed MDF material the Scomber Mix DJ workstation also features a system which keeps all your cables and leads invisible and integrated into the corpus. [...]

  • ION Vertical Vinyl Wall Mounted Turntable

    ION Vertical Vinyl Wall Mounted Turntable

    Bring your record collection to life with the ION Vertical Vinyl turntable. Wall mountable – it can play all of your LPs vertically, making it a real space saver, while 33 and 45 rpm speeds mean that all your retro playback needs are taken care of (45 rpm adapter included). Extremely versatile, it’s fully capable [...]

  • JVC NX-BX3 iPod Dock

    JVC NX-BX3 iPod Dock

    JVC are launching this high tech piece of furniture in Japan later this month. Big enough to be used as a side table or a pedestal for a LCD TV the NX-BX3 features a wooden construction with optional glass top and a built in 60W amplifier which powers 2 x 30W speakers. Using JVC’s SRS [...]

  • LASONIC iPod & iPhone Ghetto Blaster

    LASONIC iPod & iPhone Ghetto Blaster

    We love the look of the old 80′s ghetto blasters and Lasonic have bought those huge ‘portable’ monsters right up to date with their i931x ghetto blaster. Measuring 255 by 144 by 65 inches and weighing almost 145 lbs the tape deck on ghetto blaster has been replaced with a dual iPhone and iPod dock, [...]

  • B&O Play Beolit 12 Portable Music System

    B&O Play Beolit 12 Portable Music System

    über expensive audio and visual company Bang & Olufsen have just announced their off shoot company B&O Play and the launch of their first product. The Beolit 12 is a portable music system which is built around a 120 watt amplifier which powers two 2-inch tweeters and a single 4-inch woofer which uses Apple’s Airplay [...]

  • AKG Q350 Quincy Jones Signature In-Ear Headphones

    AKG Q350 Quincy Jones Signature In-Ear Headphones

    The Q350 headphones have been designed with an unprecedented level of input from 79 GRAMMY nominated music producer Quincy Jones. The man responsible for sounds such as ‘Thriller’, which defined eras, the Q350 deliver high-accuracy sound with outstanding dynamics and bass response. Perfect for those with an on-the-go lifestyle, they featuring a look that’s so [...]

  • Amethyst X-1 iPhone/iPod Speaker Dock

    Amethyst X-1 iPhone/iPod Speaker Dock

    Apart from looking like the love child of a Ferrari and a fighter jet the Amethyst X-1 is the first ever iPhone/iPod speaker dock that can be controlled through hand gestures. A trio of infra red sensors are mounted in the dock and by a simple wave of the hand you can stop, pause, rewind [...]

  • Bayan 7 Speaker Dock

    Bayan 7 Speaker Dock

    The Bayan 7 features a five way 2.1 channel stereo speaker configuration which is made up from one 8′ sub woofer, two 2′ mid-range drivers and two 1′ projection tweeters which pumps out a massive 120W power performance. It also features two Apple 30 pin connector ports which can charge a iOS device as it’s [...]

  • Monster Tron Light Disc Sound Dock

    Monster Tron Light Disc Sound Dock

    Inspired by the disc from the Disney film Tron Legacy, Monster have created a sound dock which fuses both light and sound to give you a more immersed experience. The the dual-pipe lighting rings come alive and when music is played and further more you can download the free Monster Game Grid Visualizer app for your iPhone [...]

  • Philips AD7000W-10 iPod Dock with Airplay

    Philips AD7000W-10 iPod Dock with Airplay

    The Philips AD7000W/10 Fidelio wireless speaker gives you the freedom to listen to your music direct from your iPhone, iPod or iPad as well as wirelessly using the Airplay feature in iTunes. Key Features Airplay lets you stream music from your iTunes library on your computer, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to any AirPlay-enabled speaker [...]

  • Philips Fidelio DS 8500 Docking speaker

    Philips Fidelio DS 8500 Docking speaker

    The elegant and chic Philips Fidelio docking speaker delivers stunning sound from your iPhone/iPod with PureDigital technology. Enjoy advanced control with proximity sensor and intuitive remote that complements speaker design and finishing. Features PureDigital Processing Advanced PureDigital sound processing technology offers vastly superior sound performance compared to the conventional analog audio processing technology that is [...]

  • Meridian M80

    Meridian M80

    The Meridian M80 is a beautiful high-performance compact entertainment system with a luxury hand-tooled leather finish, and combines incredible audio quality with supreme versatility. The M80 features many technologies distilled from Meridian’s flagship products, helping it extract detail and reveal information previously buried in the recording. You’ll be amazed something so small actually allows you [...]

  • JawBone Jambox

    JawBone Jambox

    JawBone Jambox delivers stunning hi-fi audio in a portable wireless speaker so compact you won’t believe it when you hear it. It’s loud. With an output capacity of 85 decibels, Jambox fills even the largest rooms. Unlike other portable speakers, it is powered by a pair of proprietary, highly sophisticated acoustic drivers, unmatched in their [...]

  • Lexon Tykho Radio

    Lexon Tykho Radio

    French brand Lexon has been a purveyor of contemporary and creative product design since 1991. Remaining faithful to its design commitments, it aims to produce friendly objects for friendly users. Sleek and modern in a robust rubber casing, this stylish radio from Lexon is a minimalist and contemporary way to enjoy music in your home. [...]

  • Libratone Speaker

    Libratone Speaker

    The Libratone Speaker is sure to turn heads with it’s sleek Scandinavian design which fuses modernity and understated elegance with it’s wood construction, satin chrome handles and Italian cashmere covering. The Libratone speaker makes use of 1x 5″ bass, 2x 3″ midrange and 2x 1″ ribbon based tweeter which adds up to a massive 100 [...]

  • Ion Block Rocker Speaker

    Ion Block Rocker Speaker

    The Ion Block Rocker Speaker is a all in one sound system for your iPod, iPhone, microphone and just about any other audio device. The Block Rocker is completely portable with it’s telescopic handle and coaster wheels and a single charge to it’s internal battery will keep the party going for over 12 hours. Features: [...]

  • Geneva iPod iPhone Sound System

    Geneva iPod iPhone Sound System

    The Geneva Sound System Model S offers superb musical fidelity and the most versatility in it’s class. It introduces innovations that makes Hi-Fi easier and more pleasing to the eye: new TouchLight controls, a new PowerDock connector for iPod/iPhone and a digital clock radio. TouchLights brighten on contact, giving extensive iPod menu control no competitor [...]

  • Creative D100 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

    Creative D100 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

    The Creative D100 Bluetooth Wireless speaker opens up a world of possibilities, it is a go anywhere speaker which can stream music from any bluetooth device, no leads or wires or complicated software. The Creative D100 speaker has a range of 10 meters and pumps out music from it’s two powerful 3″ drivers. The Creative [...]