The Ambassador


Danish satirist / filmmaker Mads Brugger won the 2009 Sundance film festival grand jury prize for documentaries with his his film ‘The Red Chapel’ but his award didn’t come with it’s share of controversy as the film was not a documentary in the conventional sense, but something of a media stunt, one in which Brugger posed as a communist theater director to get access to North Korea.

In his latest film The Ambassador we follow Brugger’s journey into the bizarre world of African Diplomacy as he buys a diplomatic passport and lives in Central Africa ‘to see what it can gain him’. Officially to the authorities and those in power, he is there on a diplomatic mission, a do-good rich business man who wants to start a match stick factory to employ locals and teach how to make this simple piece of fire-making equipment. Unofficially he is really there to gain access to vast reserves of blood diamonds.



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