Benny Gold T-Shirts


San Francisco brand Benny Gold  was born out a frustration of working for other people and ending up in a corporate job where creativity was quickly eaten up, Benny explains.

“My early career is fairly typical of most graphic designers: Start with the small design firms, then graduate to bigger agencies, move onward and upwards…and finally one day, I found myself working an in-house job at a large corporation and not getting any creative satisfaction out of it. After years of plodding along the corporate timeline, I realized that I was losing sight of the ideas and creative freedom I had once–and still–cherish. I had spent the majority of my 20s working nonstop–and I didn’t want to spend another twenty doing the same thing.”

The Benny Gold collection features printed T-shirts and sweats, caps and beanies, denim jeans and
work pants and jackets. The graphics beautifully crafted with great attention paid to typographic designs and they all have a hand drawn quality to them- something which is missing from directional streetwear brands these days.

Benny Gold is available from Urban Industry>>

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