Superdry Cologne


Released just in time for Christmas Superdry have entered the cologne/fragrance market with these three offerings: Dry (above), Double Dry (below) and Dry Oil (bottom). All three colognes are £55 and are available from>>

Dry by Superdry
A rich, aromatic, woody fragrance that combines a vibrant top note of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit and red fruits with subtle eucalyptus. This is balanced with spicy cardamom, fiery pink pepper and the subtlety of rose, whilst the base is a powerful fusion of woods and musks with the depth of mosses.

Double Dry by Superdry
Opening with a fresh burst of bergamot, juicy Sicilian mandarin and clean frozen grapefruit. A heart of aromatic juniper, rosemary and subtle sichuan pepper with a base of rosewood, musk, incense and oakmoss.

Dry Oil by Superdry
Combining a striking fougère accord with vanilla notes, Dry Oil is built around a fusion of lavender and iris that is lifted by lemon, petigrain, cypress, cardamom and neroli and strengthened with rich ambery rose. The vanilla accord is supported with cedarwood and patchouli and sweetened with ambrette seed, coumarin and musks.

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