Road Inc. iPad App


Road Inc. is a unique iPad application which celebrates the history of the motorcar and by using new technologies like interactive 3D imaging, Road Inc. becomes your very own virtual motor museum.The Road Inc. editorial team have hand picked 50 exceptional motorcars and have combined them with archive documents to take you on a journey through history, design, innovation and emotion. Connections are made between aeroplanes
and automobiles, Art déco and modernist, rockets and Cadillacs, sketches and prototypes, dreams and victories, or even race-tracks and production lines. Furthermore the experience is enhanced even more with 50 previously unseen 3D interactive reconstitutions, over 2000 location photos, 500 studio photos taken by some of the world’s best photographers, 150 engines sounds, 75 video extracts and over 200 pages of original writing.

Available to download for the iPad from iTunes £6.99>>




  1. Tony12 says:

    Waouhh !! Great app !! I just bought it and I can not stop playing with it and travelling throughout thes incredible cars !! The content is so rich ! Plenty of pictures, article, video extract … that is great ! and the 3D is extraordinary ! a very very good job, which is quite rare for an iPad app ! Congrats !+++++++