O’Neill X Philips Sports Headphones


Last year action sports brand O’Neill teamed up with Phillips to collaborate on a collection of headphones and earphones designed especially or use on the slopes. Designed from the ground up the collection has some really trick points from headbands that can be twisted stretched to leads which detach themselves from the headset rather than the music device in the event of a bail or fall.

The ‘Bend’ (above photo) is the newest model to the range and delivers a super deep bass whilst it tough construction will take take the physical demands of the toughest action sports athletes. Featuring a low profile design which follows the contour of your head the Bend’s headband is made from  same material as the toughest snow goggles for extra resilience. In the event of a major bail the earcups disengage themselves from the headband rather than breaking and once you have composed yourself the can simply snapped back into the headband.

The ‘Stretch Scratch’ (third photo) is the newest member to the Stretch family and just like the other members of the Stretch family they also provide dynamic sound quality and feature a super-flexible TR55LX headband that twists and bends in every direction. Both the Stretch and the Bend use a fabric covered lead which is best the best material when it comes to resisting tension force and it’s design means you’ll never have to hit pause mid-adventure to untangle wires.

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