Motorola MOTOACTV Smart Watch


We heard rumours earlier this year that Motorola were developing a fitness watch/mp3 player to rival the iPod Nano but we didn’t take this too seriously considering the economical climate and the simple fact that the Nano seems to have it all tied up. But at a recent press launch in New York a few days ago Motorola announced that their MOTOACTV would roll out on 6 November 2011 in New York to coincide with the ING New York City Marathon.

Featuring a 600MHz processor the Motorola MOTOACTV only weighs 35 grams and measures 46mm x 46mm x 9.6mm. What you get in this small package is a touch screen enabled GPS device with a music player- which has the ability to ‘learn songs that make you train harder’ and will play them more often in your training session. It also features a FM radio, a built in heart rate monitor which will give you performance stats for heart rate, duration, distance, calories burned. It’s Bluetooth capabilities will peer with your smart phone and allow you to take calls, read text messages or use your favourite Bluetooth headphones.

As well as tracking your training session outdoors the MOTOACTV can measure your performance indoors on a treadmill, setp machine etc and you can access all your statistics online via Motorola’s MotoActv.Com.

The Motorola MOTOACTV goes in sale in the US on 6 November 2011 and comes in a 8GB model priced at $249.99 and a 16GB version priced at $299.99

More information: Motoactv.Com>>



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