Pentax Q Black


Say hello to the world’s smallest and lightest digital camera with interchangeable lens. The Pentax Q-Black measures only 3.9 x 2.3 x 1.2” and under it’s scratch resistant magnesium alloy body lies a 12.4 megapixel CMOS image sensor which capable producing 12 bit DNG RAW and JPG images and thanks to it’s backlit function the CMOS sensor is a highly efficient light-gathering instrument designed specifically to produce very low noise at high levels of sensitivity.

With a variety of specialty Q lenses which include prime, zoom and fisheye lenses, both seasoned and amateur photographers can enjoy the flexibilty of interchangeable lenses to push their creativity further with the Pentax Q-Black. Like it’s bigger DSLR brothers the Pentax Q-Black also features traditional shooting modes such as Program, Aperture/Shutter Priority, and Metered Manual exposure control and also has a programmable quick dial on the front of the camera which allows you to access a variety of creative modes, Smart Effect options, or camera settings without having to explore the camera’s menu system.

Other features include: HDR Capture, 1080p HD Video, Sensor-Shift Shake Reduction, 3 Inch LCD Monitor, 5 FPS, Bokeh Control Filter and smart effect.

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