Land Rover Defender DC100


Land Rover Defender DC100

This is the first image to be released of the new Land Rover Defender DC100 concept which will eventually replace the existing Defender in 2015. Although the DC100 isn’t a production ready concept car just yet this image has been released just weeks away from the Frankfurt Motor Show to ‘gauge’ potential customers reactions and as Director of Design Gerry McGovern puts it, “The concept represents ‘the beginning of a four-year journey’ to design a relevant Defender for the 21st century.”




  1. Geoff Griffiths says:

    Looks great, shame it has lost the roof side windows but maybe that is making way for an evoque style panoramic roof. Looking forward to more details over the coming years. Will be interesting to see the options list half the fun of a defender is making unique to you.

  2. Ron Cobb says:

    Looks like a cross between a Toyota FJ Cruiser & a Tata Nano. Does anyone in the Land Rover design team remember what a Defender is really for? As a work vehicle can you imagine driving around the farm yard with those girlie wheels? Expensive low profile tyres are useless for any sort of off road work. Over the years I have owned every varient of the defender from 1950 to the TD5. Land Rover took a backward step with the current Defender engine. Looks like they have blown it altogether if they go ahead with this pavement poser.

    • andy b says:

      get a life, outstanding effort a real boost to the boreing 4×4 market get it built landrover my money is in the bank waiting on it hurryyyyyyyy .