Foo Fighters: Back And Forth


Director James Moll’s documentary chronicles the 16 year history of the Foo Fighters from their early days creating their first cassette demos that Dave Grohl recorded during his post Nirvana days to their rise to super stardom with their Grammy-winning, multi-platinum, arena and stadium headlining status as one of the biggest rock bands on the planet. This chronicling of the Foo Fighters’ triumphs and tragedies will culminate in an in-depth behind the scenes perspective on the making of the new album: a process in which the band pushed itself forward by going fully back to basics and recording in Grohl’s garage completely on analog tape. No computers, no software – just a band recording an album to tape in a garage.

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  1. Weezer says:

    I was never really a Nirvana fan too much I thought, but the Foo’s, now that’s a different league