Aiaiai Track Headphones


Aiaiai Track Headphones

Danish company Aiaiai was created in 2005 from a collective of over 200 young creative minds in Copenhagen and still maintain their collective vision today “We aim to create headphones and other consumer electronic related products that have a clear connection to the creative world, and thus make a heartfelt, different and genuine statement”

These Track headphones are an awarding winning super aural (on-ear) headphones which work on a brace system which is easily adjustable and ensures a comfortable and secure fit. The 40mm speaker offers a better frequency distribution and a full-spectrum sound quality with a tight bass and detailed high frequency notes.

Driver: Unit Size 40 mm
Plug: Angled Stereo Plug 3.5 mm
Speaker Impedance: 32 Ohm
Speaker Sensitivity: 112 +/- 3dB
Maximum Power Input: 40 mW
Frequency Response: 20-20KHz
Microphone Sensitivity: -42 +/- 3dB
Microphone Directivity: Omni-directional

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Aiaiai Track Headphones
Aiaiai Track Headphones
Aiaiai Track Headphones




  1. Luke Cummings says:

    they look very nice

  2. Brian Croft says:

    Great looking headphones