CYRCLE X Chad Mu$ka


The De La Barracuda wall on Melrose Avenue Los Angeles has had some of the most legendary street artists paint on it. CYRCLE and skater/artist Chad Muska have joined forces to leave their mark on this famous concrete canvas, featuring huge prints of Muska’s widely popular Sky Top model shoe dripping neon paint with CYRCLE’s vintage worker wheatpaste.  Lots of people rolled through that night and they were even able to make a short video documenting the process. Check out the finished product below.

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  1. Steve Jenkins says:

    That was very cool, nice bit of breakdancing

  2. Harry B says:

    Since when has Muska been using the $ sign as a s, does he think he’s Ki$ha, TWAT!!!!!

  3. Todd says:

    Ha Ha yeah nice one Harry

  4. timsy says:

    very nice painting