Jim Beam’s Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve


Bourbon is a very manly drink but take the proof up to 120 (that’s about 60% alcohol) and you are on an entirely different level. But of course the more discerning drinker is interested in more than just the alcohol content alone, after all when’s the last time you commented on how great  that Mad dog 20/20 tasted

The Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is the latest addition to Jim Beam’s small batch bourbon lineup. Unlike the original Knob Creek which blends barrels before bottling to achieve consistency, the Single Barrel is just that – whiskey from a single barrel. Variances in the oak barrels, temperature and other factors over the nine year aging process can cause differences between each barrel of Knob Creek, meaning that your bottle might taste slightly different than ours. That said, ours tastes quite nice.

The bourbon has intense aromas of vanilla and caramel, and considering its potent proof, it hides its alcohol really well. Take a sip and let the mature, toasty oak and sweet vanilla wash over you before a long, spicy finish. Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is a bourbon worth enjoying on its own or a splash of water. Would you like ice with your knob ?
Great drink shame about the name

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  1. Fready says:

    Ha Ha do you like the taste knob.

  2. Faz says:

    my mrs always has ice with knob hahaha

  3. Holly Parsons says: