Stalk It 58Five Landspeed Longboard



In December 2010 Stalk It founder Lane Segerstrom set a new Guinness World Record for ‘Speed on a Towed Skateboard’ beating previous record holder Danny Way and the record of 78.1 MPH was set by completing 2 successful runs within 1 hour. The World Speed Record showcases the durability and stability of the Stalk It 58Five longboards and is now available to buy.

Made with a 100% CornBoard core and vertical laminated ash and poplar top and bottom sheets, this sleek speedster also features an aluminum speed stabilizer bar laminated into the core of the board for increased rigidity and is fitted with Abec 11 wheels, Pareis trucks and Swiss Fire bearings.
Price $585

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  1. Leigh Foster says:

    I do like that, a bit pricey though