Numark Red Wave DJ Headphones


Numark Red Wave DJ Headphones

The Numark Red Wave DJ headphone were designed with the entire DJ and mixing experience in mind. They utilise  massive 50mm neodymium drivers which reproduce a clean, powerful output which are housed in a comfortable, closed–cup design for great background noise isolation. Like the majority of DJ headphones the Numark Red Wave DJ headphone has a a convenient swiveling earcup design so they’re easy to wear one-sided between the ear and shoulder for when you are cueing up a record. The earcups have been made from a breathable protein-leather which is more comfortable over prolonged periods of time.

• High-quality full-range headphones designed for DJs
• Swivel design allowing DJs the flexibility to monitor house audio and cue audition
• Breathable protein-leather padding that remains comfortable during extended use
• Large 50 mm driver, neodynium magnet and voice coil for optimal frequency response
• Balanced detachable headphone cable with ¹⁄₈” adapter for use with MP3 players
• Professional build and modern design matched with superior sound
• Includes case to protect and store headphones, cable and adaptor
• 1/4-inch connector with 1/8-inch adaptor included for use with virtually any DJ gear

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Numark Red Wave DJ Headphones
Numark Red Wave DJ Headphones



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